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Hello and welcome to Tech Talk, where we have unbiased rants about things we don't like, and occasionally about things we do like. Right now, this is something of the ladder, and I am about to announce the winner of the Tech Talk Awards. And the winner is.... not the Iphone. Not Google Chrome. Not G1, but it is in the G1. That's right, the winner is Android. By popular vote, Google Chrome comes in a close second, but the Operating System Android is just too good to pass up. 2009 is going to be a very good year for Google android, with many phones coming out with the new OS. The G1 was a big success, and because of some of it's hiccups, it was not voted the winner, but just Android is. It is very revolutionary, completely open source, and very intuitive. And because of it's openness, the possibilities are endless for this. Net book, anyone? Or perhaps the return of the UMPC. The Android Market is completely open, so anyone can make anything for it, so it can make up for the things it lacks. Take for instance: Android does not have support for Outlook Exchange, however, someone made an App that does allow it to integrate with Exchange. Because of all these things, and because of its success in the past and future, Google's Android has won the Tech Talk gadget of the year.
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Hey everyone, sorry about the blog going down. I was moving it over to my tech talk google account and I accidentally deleted it. But it's back now. So again about Macworld, because that was the only blog that wasn't put back up. It doesn't make sense for Apple to go to a third party show when they could put their own show on for cheaper. They have been slowly pulling out of third party shows for a while now. As for Steve Jobs, I have know idea. As said last night, Phil whatever-his-name is going to be the new CEO when Jobs leaves. I just feel it. He's been at a lot of shows lately. As Joey said, they could be pulling Jobs to save the stock prices, but then again, they could short sell and that theory doesn't hold up. We'll see what happens. I'm still expecting a big show for Apple at Macworld, but also for Palm at CES.
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So here at Tech Talk, we believe that no product should ever be ignored. We have a strict philosophy of boring people out of their minds with boring TV shows. But now that Tech Talk is off the air, I have started a blog (which you would know if you are reading this) to help people with technology questions. If you have a question about anything, or have a comment that doesn't go with any post, send an e-mail to and we will put up a post or send you a personal e-mail back. Feel free to share anything you have heard about, or anything you want to rant about. If you write anything by yourself, you will receive credit, unless sent anonymously. We're trying to make this blog as big as it can be, so tell everyone you know to go here. I'm thinking about making a weekly podcast, so if you want a role in it, email me. So tell everyone you know to come here, and send me an email now and then, and I promise this will be better then the TV show.
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So I know that this is a really new blog, and I only have one person I know reading this (hey, Joey) but the year is winding down, and it is time to start choosing the best products of the year. So anyone who reads this, drop a line (or two) about any gadget or tech-related thing, and why you think it should be named the Tech Talk with Haubenstock gadget of the Year. So leave a comment, and a panel of eliete judges, or rather my friends, and I will vote and name the gadget of the year within a few days. The deadline to leave a comment is next Wednesday, December 17, so we can vote and get winner out in time for the holidays. Right now we have the G1, the Iphone, Sprint-Clearwire WiMax, and Windows 7. Remember that the requirements for this contest are that the product has to have come out (or discussed about, in Windows 7's case) within the year 2008. Snow Leopard cannot be pitted against Windows 7 because Apple has not released enough about it to count in the vote. So get those votes in and check back next Thursday or Friday for the winner.
UPDATE: The Tech Talk Awards deadline for entering in a gadget has just been moved up to Friday night, the same time when the first Tech Talk Podcast comes out, announcing the winner.
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The company that everyone loves to hate, or just plain loves is Apple. But this isn't about their perception. This is about their product. They make really good products. No doubt about it. But they have made some critical mistakes. 1: They only put Mac OS X on Apple products. If they let it go on another PC, like Windows can be put on a mac, they would be so much bigger then they are now. Their defense? Everything is made by the same company so it works perfectly. Hey Apple! If the OS is so good, it would work well on any machine. If it's a hardware problem, we won't blame you, but if anything goes wrong on an Apple computer, it's Apple's fault. 2: Too proprietary. Itunes DRM, Mini Display Port, Firewire, Iphone App store rules.... the list goes on and on. Itunes is starting to allow DRM free downloads, and that is good, but Amazon has been completely DRM free for a while now, and they don't get nearly as much credit. The Mini Display port on the new notebooks? Really? A guy couldn't play a movie on his VGA projector because the projector couldn't accept the copyright protection on the Mini Display Port and Itunes movies. Firewire on the MacBook. Need I say more. You pushed it and pushed it until it was in the mainstream for editing and everything, and then you go, oh, well you don't need it now, just go USB. What if you have a firewire camera? What then. Spend $700 more for the Pro? thanks. I'll just go get an HP with firewire and Adobe or Pinnacle and still save money. The Iphone App Store. This is why Android is so revolutionary. They don't care what is there as long as it isn't a virus. You on the other hand, care a whole lot. Anything worth while is not there because it goes against your rules for applications. OK, now that that's out of the way, Apple still makes really great products that change the landscape of the technology world. I own a MacBook, and it is the best computer I have ever used, The OS has really great features that you can't find anywhere else, and if they would license the OS to other companies like HP and Dell, we woudl have a very different world.