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This is the first post by Joe, the new commentator on this blog. 


The European Union recently accused Microsoft of hurting competitors by bundling Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system. If Microsoft looses this lawsuit, they will most likely be forced to unbundle it. What will Microsoft do then? Browsers don’t come on CDs anymore, and how can people download a browser without having one already installed? This is like going back in technology. Browsers will have to be sold in stores. Microsoft isn’t going to like that, so there are two things they can do. The first is to include a minimal browser that opens to a page with a list of browsers to download. Microsoft isn’t going to do that and people want to surf the web out of the box. The second choice might be what Redmond is forced to do. They may have to include an open-source browser. How can Microsoft be forced to include a competitor with its operating system? They would be shooting themselves in the foot. 

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