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 Macs are the coolest computers.  Everyone wants one if they can get one.  Why?  Because they're exclusive, well designed, and intuitive.  Today is the day after Apple's Macworld Keynote, and the day before CES starts.  And in today's calm, I want to look back at why Apple can control the market, and why Microsoft can't.  Apple has great marketing.  Everyone knows the Get-A-Mac ads, and they are unmistakable.  They make the Mac look good, and the PC look bad.  Apple has succsesfully made their products more expensive then they're worth, and no one really cares.  OS X is a great operating system, and no one can match some of its intuitive features, like expose and spaces.  Probably the biggest thing is the exclusivity.  If you have a Mac, you're cool.  You have the best thing every made, and no one can touch you.  That is why they are becoming so popular.  Microsoft is so big, it's run-of-the-mill.  No one cares.  Yes, it's the best for gaming and productivity, but if you have a Mac, you are different.  People want to be different.  They are also completely connected.  That is the same for Itunes and Ipods until yesterday.  If you bought a song on Itunes, you needed and Ipod.  Apple cornered the market.  They are successful in making people think they need these things, and that is why Apple is popular.
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